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  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?
  • Welcome to my Tipeee page | Bienvenue sur ma page Tipeee | Benvenudo su mi pagina Tipeee | Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Tipeee Seite

    I am a Swiss creator of videos and audio in several domains. I am born 1976 and a computer nerd, studying commercial informatics at the moment. Topics I work about:

    - Politics and Society
    - Music. Mostly singing either classical music, gospels/spirituals, folk songs or spontaneous improvisations
    - Educational stuff about economics, technology and computer science
    - Poems and literature
    - Culture and Geography of Switzerland
    - Random fun and nerd stuff

    My native language is Swiss German. I also speak German, English, French, a bit of Spanish and some traces of Italian.

    Feel free to dive into my universe!

    Again, welcome to my world!

  • Why am I on Tipeee?
  • Every money I get from you, my viewers, is either going directly in equipment for my videos like cameras, things to show you, visualisation tools etc. or into the time I need to create videos. If you have to earn all your money elsewhere there is very little time to do some research about a topic, record a video or podcast several times until it's good, then edit it, add information, even write some music at times etc. so the videos get very unprofessional. If I can start earning substantial money with my work I can put so much more work into it. That's my goal!

    I started making a few cents from Youtube advertising but then they decided my channel is too small and they demonetised it. I moved over to Patreon but they now started to monitor every step a creator does in his life and de-platform him if he sais one word they do not like. So I decided to move back to Europe and work with partners where the cultural gap is a bit smaller.

  • What are the rewards for tippers?
  • Links to new works will always be shown to paying customers first. Definitely the stuff they explicitely paid for but also the "quick and dirty" stuff I can't really make anybody pay for will be advertised on monetised platforms first. 

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