Charles & Elin

Charles & Elin

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tungduong - 0

Thank you so much!

Glecimar Ramos
Glecimar Ramos - 0

You’re very cute!
Look happy.
Good luck!

Andrea Greenfield
Andrea Greenfield - 0

Congrats to the newlyweds! Excited to try the patterns!

Minna Puonti
Minna Puonti - 0

I can't wait to make this!

Minna Puonti
Minna Puonti - 0

Can't wait for the new pattern!

lindsayh - 0

Thank you! I'm looking forward to the July pattern!

Suzette Westling
Suzette Westling - 0

This will be perfect for my city wall, a combination of drawings and my embroideries, such as Nyhavn. ????????????

Wanttocreate - 0

Hi, Charles and Elin! I am excited to help you, in my own small way, to further your dreams. I love your work, your podcasts, your Instagram posts, and your enthusiasm for life and art.
Linda West


Love your work. It is truly unique. Can't wait to get my monthly patterns. I am an avid embroidery - can't live without it.