Natha does stuff on Roll20

Natha does stuff on Roll20

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No news, good news?

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Community Highlights on Roll20

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  • The sheet for "Le Métal Froid des Anneaux de Cerbère" made it to the Community Highlights of this week's Roll20 Community Corner (#29). Yay!

Le Métal Froid des Anneaux de Cerbère

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  • Salut les Tipers.

    La feuille pour Le Métal Froid des Anneaux de Cerbère est disponible pour tous sur Roll20.
    Enjoy :)

    Et merci encore pour votre soutien.

WHAT'S NEXT? (2017-10-09)

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Roll20 Community Corner #27

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  • Hi Tipers.

    Just a quick note to brag ... hum ... to point out that the update to the Burning Wheel sheet made it to the Roll20 Community Corner #27.


A bunch of updates

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  • Hi Tipers!

    September has been busy, though it didn't show on this page ... until now.

    Today went live on Roll20 a bunch of updates, big or small, depending on the sheet.

    Burning Wheel

    A big commissionned update to this large sheet, designed by Jordan W. and coded by moi.

    See the (partial) change log for the details.

    Chroniques Oubliées & Chroniques Galactiques

    A small but useful requested update that enhance the chat roll template for weapons/attacks, and which allows to add and view custom rolls/damage to the "Spécial" field. 

    Technical optimisation(s)

    The Roll20 dev team deployed a slight change/new addition to the (background) sheet worker functions, that allows to perform some calculated field updates more efficiently.

    You won't obviously see it on the updated sheets (neither on their embended rolls) ... but some automatic calculations will be quite faster (and simpler to maintain).

    Hence, these sheets has been updated accordingly:
    - Cahiers du Vastemonde
    - Cypher System (english and french)
    - Dungeon World (french)
    Portes Montres Trésors
    Savage Worlds (french)
    - SIG the city between
    Swords & Wizardry
    White Lies

    Thanks again for your support!

Savage Worlds french v3

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  • Salut les tipers.
    La version 3 de la fiche pour Savage Worlds en français est disponible sur Roll20.

Savage Worlds french v3 : done

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