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RaigaKi - 0

This is my first time donating like this. I really, really enjoy your roleplays! I look forward to your progress in the future!

notsuh86 - 0

I've greatly enjoyed your YouTube videos, and wanted to help a bit and give you some support in order to continue your created content.

Boris - 0

love your videos
keep up the good work

NotEris - 0

...wait, I can put a message here? Uh... I'll include a stupid joke I guess.

...what do you call a German jazz player?
Jazz Hans.

Michael Moran
Michael Moran - 0

Love your work keep it up

Skuler gears
Skuler gears - 0

I've been watching your videos for a while now and they always ease me to sleep or relax/laugh, so i'm more then happy to give you some money. Great work, keep it up

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JoyKillGaming - 0

Love your stuff keep up the great work!

jack myers
jack myers - 0

Thanks for the hard work