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Aaron - 0

I'm so glad I found your YouTube channel, I love your characters, your stories and your accent. It is so relaxing to listen to and you and your videos have helped me get through some really tough times. I know you have no idea who I am but I truly thank you for being there for me when I needed someone. Words can never do you justice so my donation should hopefully make you happy and understand how grateful I am.

Keep up the great work, I'll support you through it all!

Aaron x

Alberto - 0

Thank you for the quality content and sexy Italian accent ;)

Justin Stowers
Justin Stowers - 0

i love role play asmr

Dr Coke
Dr Coke - 0

All I gotta say is keep up the good work

Devilking1994 - 0

I really like your work so keep it up. i hope to commission a Video from you sooner or later i just need to get the idea down


Keep up the good work!
Love from the USA.

theunlimited - 0

a small donation from a Belgian to support your superb videos ;) continue like this !

The Heartstrings
The Heartstrings - 0

Keep up the great work

Mister Mysterious
Mister Mysterious - 0

Keep up the good work! I love your accent and talent!